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will ferrell

Will Ferrell Stars in New General Motors Super Bowl Commercial

In true pre Super Bowl fashion, we are getting a glimpse of all of the commercials ahead…

Will Ferrell Has His First Hit Song on Billboard Thanks to His Netflix Movie

Have you had a chance to watch the new Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams movie on Netflix “Eurovision…

Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, and Kristen Wiig Perform “The Longest Days of Our Lives” Soap Opera

Can you imagine them awkwardly filming this at their houses?! This is amazing.

Will Ferrell Takes the Hot Ones Challenge with Deep Regret

We need to do a version of this ourselves.

You Can Now Buy a Life-Sized ‘Buddy the Elf’ For Your Yard

Now that it’s not 95, it’s not crazy to start thinking about your Christmas decor this year…

Ron Burgundy Meets an Alligator, Skunk, and a Cougar

That sounds like the beginning of a joke, but honestly Rob Burgundy in anything is automatically funny…

Ron Burgundy Does Hockey Play By Play

Channel 4 news anchor Ron Burgundy takes over the broadcast booth, and makes his play-by-play debut as…

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