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Thousands More Flights Canceled Ahead Of Holiday Weekend

The struggle is still real when it comes to traveling right now, especially when flying. 

Annoying Things To Avoid Doing at Restaurants

Experts in the restaurant industry recently shared some of the most annoying customer habits with

RiverLink Raising Tolls on Louisville-Area Bridges Starting July 1st

Some disappointing news if you cross any of the toll bridges from Kentucky to Indiana…

Hundreds More Flights Cancelled On Monday

The rash of cancelled holiday weekend flights spilled over in Memorial Day itself.

Gas Prices Expected To Rise Again

The price at the pump is about to take another jump.

On The Go: Top U.S. States For Adventure Travel

If you are trying to plan an adventure-filled summer vacation, this list might help.

Uber Drops Masks Requirements

Uber has changed its policy for wearing masks on rides.

The Cost Of Airfare Is On The Rise

As if the skyrocketing cost of driving a car isn't bad enough, another form of transportation is…

Pete Davidson Is Going to Space Next Week

Pete Davidson is the latest celebrity headed into space. He will go aboard Blue Origin. It is…

Wacky and Wild: The 6 Weirdest Tourist Attractions In The U.S.

If you are looking for a road trip that promises to be anything but "normal" – this…

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