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Tokyo Olympics Were the Lowest Rated in NBC History

An average of 15.5 million viewers tuned in for NBC's coverage of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Nielsen ratings…

Team USA Wins Overall Medal Count And Most Gold In Tokyo

The U.S. has a long history of winning big at the Summer Games, and this year ultimately…

Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Gets Her Olympic Moment This Week

Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica will get her Olympic moment this week.

Standout Moments (So Far) For Team USA

If you've missed the action in the 2021 Olympics so far, here are some of the major…

Pizza Hut Launches New 10-Meat Decathlon Pizza In Japan

Pizza Hut Japan is feeling the Olympic spirit with its new Decathlon Pizza!

Kentuckians Win Gold At The Olympics

The bluegrass state is getting some representation on the podium in Tokyo with a few gold medals…

New Olympic Sports To Watch For

There are some new additions to watch for in the Summer Olympics this year!

If This Bed Is Rockin’ – It Might Break! Athletes To Sleep On ‘Anti-Sex’ Cardboard Beds At Olympics

The world's best athletes are set to spend their nights on cardboard beds at the Tokyo Olympics.

Kim Kardashian is Making Undergarments for the U.S. Olympic Team

Yes, you read that correctly. Amongst the Kim Kardashian empire is her company SKIMS who just partnered…

Four-time Gold Medalist Simone Biles Is Headed to Her Second Olympic Games in Tokyo

Simone Biles is ready for her second Olympic games after winning the Olympic trials, ready to to…

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