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Andy Samberg Doesn’t Want To Join TikTok Because He Thinks He’s Too Old

You likely won't see actor and Saturday Night Live alum, Andy Samberg, on TikTok anytime soon.

Ed Sheeran Branded #1 Musical Artist On Tiktok In 2021

Ed Sheeran is being called the number one musical artist on TikTok for 2021. 

Netflix Is Bringing a TikTok-Style Feed of Short ‘Kids Clips’ to Its App

Netflix is testing a TikTok-style targeting younger viewers.

Pepsi Releases Cracker Jack Flavor

Pepsi is celebrating October's baseball games by releasing a new Cracker Jack flavor!

Watch This Musician Use Red Hot Chili Peppers to Cover… Red Hot Chili Peppers

TikTok artist Tyzo Bloom did just that-he used actual red hot chili peppers to cover the band…

Flight Attendant Reveals Why You Should Not Wear Shorts On A Plane

TikToker Tommy Cimato, who is a flight attendant, spoke to his over 160,000 followers about things you…

Why Are People Eating Oreos With Salsa?

You've heard of weird food combos, but this might take the cake.

Lance Bass Pranks The Other Members Of NSYNC

Lance Bass pranked the other members of NSYNC… but Justin Timberlake had the last laugh!

You Can Now Apply for Jobs Through “TikTok Resumes” Using Videos

TikTok users are already addicted to the video content daily, so why not use it to find…

Tech Leaders Pledge to Improve Women’s Safety Online

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Google all have promised the online experiences for women.

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