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We Could See Less Mustard On The Shelves This Summer Due To Seed Shortage

Not good news for grilling season. The next thing that might be tough to find on store…

Two-Inch Diamond Disc Could Store A Billion Blu-Rays’ Worth Of Data

Researchers in Japan are developing a 'diamond wafer' capable of holding an unimaginable amount of data.

New Movie Based on the Spirit Halloween Store Coming

A movie is being made about one of the most prominent figures in the modern Halloween celebration:…

Pay Up: Don’t Expect Grocery Store Prices To Drop Anytime Soon

The cost of groceries isn't coming down anytime soon.

Metallica Launch Their Own Version of Clue

In a surprising product tie-in, Metallica has launched their own version of the board game Clue!

Chipotle Selling Cilantro Soap

The latest offering from Chipotle actually isn't for eating. The fast-casual Mexican chain is now selling Cilantro…

CVS to Close 900 Stores

CVS announced on Thursday that it would be closing 900 stores in the next three years.

Dollar Tree is Raising Prices

Say goodbye to the low prices at Dollar Tree. The company has announced they are raising prices…

Google Banning ‘Sugar Daddy’ Apps From Play Store

Google is banning so-called 'sugar daddy' apps from its Play Store.

Free 7-Eleven Slurpees Return for a Whole Month!

7-Eleven is looking to make good on Free Slurpee Day after having to cancel the event last…

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