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Family Guy Turns Educational Explaining How Vaccines Work

In their typical "poke-fun" fashion, Family Guy has released a new PSA explaining how the COVID-19 vaccine…

Study: ‘Uncontrollable Vomiting’ on the Rise among Marijuana Users

U.S. medical professionals say they're puzzled over an issue that's been affecting marijuana users in recent months:…

Study: Young Adult Weed Smokers are Twice as Likely to Suffer Heart Attacks

Stoners under the age of 45 are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks than people who…

FDA Grants Full Approval To Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

The FDA has officially granted full approval to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.

NASA To Study ‘Goldmine’ Asteroid Worth $700 Quintillion Dollars

NASA is getting ready to study an asteroid that is literally a floating goldmine.

Scientists Prove One Of Einstein’s Theories About Black Holes

That Albert Einstein guy was pretty smart. So smart that his theories are still being proven true…

NASA’s Mars Rover Is About To Start Shooting Lasers

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover is about to go full Star Wars and start shooting lasers.

Why Does The Delta Variant Spread Faster Than Others?

The Delta variant of the novel coronavirus has taken over the U.S. in recent weeks. So why…

NASA Is Trying To Grow Human Organs In Space

NASA's latest project? 3D-printing human organs in space.

Dogs Are Better At Detecting COVID Than COVID Tests

According to a recent French study, dogs are better at detecting Covid than many fast lateral flow…

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