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FBI Warns Public of New Text Message Scam

There is a new scam hitting phones that you'll want to watch out for. The FBI's Internet…

The iPhone Has Turned 15

Probably Steve Jobs' biggest invention, the iPhone, was revealed 15 years ago.

Old BlackBerry Phones Will Stop Working Tomorrow

If you're still using an old BlackBerry, then you haven't updated your phone in a while.

Steve Jobs Once Showed Off The Original iPhone By Chucking It Across The Room

The year was 2007, and the world had never even heard of an 'iPhone'.  But Apple co-founder…

FCC Moves To Block Robo-Calls

Tired of robo-callers bugging you about your car's extended warranty?  The FCC is taking some aggressive steps…

College Students Are Cheating More During The Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic began, universities say they've been dealing with a rash of students cheating.

T-Mobile Says 40 Million Customers Affected By Data Breach

T-Mobile says a recent data breach exposed the personal data of more than 40 million customers.

Android Rapidly Losing Users to iPhone

Android is rapidly losing loyal users. According to a new survey, brand loyalty for Apple is at…

$19 Billion Lost To Phone Scams In 2020

If you’ve been getting more robocalls lately, you aren’t alone. According to YouMail, Americans received more than…

Some iPhone 11 and 12 Models Losing Color

When you get a chance check out the color on your iPhone 11 or 12. According to…

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