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Metallica Announces Two Major Releases

Metallica is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic Black Album with a reissue of the album…

Can You Guess The Most Commonly-Used Word In Metallica Lyrics?!

A dedicated Metallica fan has figured out the most commonly-used word in Metallica songs. Are you ready…

The History of Motörhead Becoming a Graphic Novel

The story of Motörhead will be in graphic novel-form this fall! At 144 pages, the graphic novel will…

Rob Halford Honored as Kentucky Colonel

The Judas Priest frontman was recently gives the title of Kentucky Colonel by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

James Hetfield Says Black Album “Changed Our Lives”

Metallica frontman James Hetfield says the band's iconic Black Album changed their lives.

Metallica Tease ‘Black Album’ Reissue

A special reissue of Metallica's 'Black Album' could be on the way soon!

British Newspaper Says Listening to Heavy Metal Makes You Fat

Could heavy metal lead to a heavy body? One British newspaper says yes.

Iron Maiden Launching New Beer

Iron Maiden is launching another craft beer. The band has teamed up with BrewDog for “Hellcat”

Guess Who Ozzy Osbourne Considers a ‘Rock God’

Even rock gods have rock gods they admire. Just ask Ozzy Osbourne, who recently told the BBC…

Grohl’s Documentary Gets Release Date

Dave Grohl has announced a release date for his documentary “What Drives Us.” The flick will hit…

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