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Tom Holland revealed how he messed up his Star Wars Audition on ‘Hot Ones’

Tom Holland recently discussed how he messed up a Star Wars audition on the latest episode of Hot Ones.

Jack Harlow Takes on The Hot Ones Challenge

Louisville’s Jack Harlow took on the Hot Ones challenge now as a Grammy nominated rapper. How did…

Harry Potter, AKA Daniel Radcliffe, Takes on the ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge

‘Hot Ones’ is a social media fav with every new episode and now Daniel Radcliffe is taking…

Sam Smith Screams His Way Through the Hot Ones Challenge

Sam Smith is the latest celeb to step up to the literal plate of hot wings for…

Matthew McConaughey Takes the ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge

MAtthew McConaughey is the latest celeb to take on the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge and he grunts his…

Will Ferrell Takes the Hot Ones Challenge with Deep Regret

We need to do a version of this ourselves.

Youtube Hit “Hot Ones” Where Celebs Eat Spicy Wings Is Turning into a Legit TV Game Show

By this point, you’ve probably seen the insanely popular Youtube show “Hot Ones” where celebrities work their…

Nick Offerman Does the Hot Ones Challenge

We would watch Nick Offerman do anything.

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