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KFC Rolls Out Next Generation ‘Digital First’ Restaurant in Louisville

 KFC is moving into the future with a next-generation 'Digital First' restaurant right here in Louisville.

Microsoft Preserving Music On Glass For ‘Doomsday Vault’

Microsoft is working to ensure that music is preserved for future generations – but putting it on…

Mick Jagger Names The New Artists He Thinks Are Bringing ‘Life’ Back To Rock Music

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger says there are two artists in particular who are breathing "life" into…

Stevie Nicks Worried About Younger Generation

Stevie Nicks is worried that young people are heading down the wrong path.

Move Over Boomers – Millennials Now The Biggest Buyers Of Pickup Trucks

Think Millennials aren't interested in owning a truck?  Think again.

Millennials Are Sharing Something They Have Said Recently That Made Them Feel Old, And Oof Too Real

A thread from a Reddit post recently went viral for asking millennials, "what was the most middle-aged…

Billy Joel Compares Taylor Swift To The Beatles

Billy Joel knows a thing or two about songwriting – and he's convinced that Taylor Swift belongs…

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