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New Documentary Looks Into Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Brittany Murphy’s Death

Actress Brittany Murphy tragically passed at the age of 32 nearly 12 years ago, and there are…

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Trailer Released

There is a new trailer for ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’ 

Britney Spears Says About New Documentary: “A Lot Of What You Heard Is Not True”

There have been a couple new Britney Spears documentaries coming out and Britney is watching and critiquing.

A Kanye West Documentary Is Coming To Netflix

A new Netflix documentary is giving you an inside look at the career and life of Kanye…

Janet Jackson Documentary Coming In January

Janet Jackson is showing her own footage and spilling about her life in her own words in…

New Petty Documentary Coming

A new Tom Petty documentary is coming to theaters for one night only next month. 

Netflix Rolls Out Teaser Trailer For Britney Spears Documentary

A Netflix doc about Britney Spears is one step closer, as a teaser for the film Britney…

Alanis Morissette Bashes Her HBO Documentary: ‘This Was Not The Story I Agreed To Tell’

Despite sitting for hours of interviews for a new HBO documentary about her life, Alanis Morissette says…

Netflix Shares Teaser Trailer For Bob Ross Documentary

Netflix just dropped a mysterious teaser for its upcoming Bob Ross documentary. 

Noel Gallagher Claims The 90’s Were ‘The Last Great Decade In Music’

Nothing beats the 90's – at least as far as Noel Gallagher is concerned.

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