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FTC Warns of Cryptocurrency Scam Using QR Codes

The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers about a cryptocurrency scam involving the use of QR codes.

Ozzy Announces Cryptobatz

Ozzy Osbourne is delving into the crypto industry with the launch of ‘Cryptobatz.’

Megadeth Goes Crypto

Megadeth is the latest band to go crypto, launching its own cryptocurrency, $MEGA – and they're giving…

Kevin Smith Selling His Next Movie As An NFT

Clerks director Kevin Smith is getting in on the NFT craze – in a big way. Smith…

PayPal Now Lets Us Customers Check Out With Cryptocurrency

Back in November, PayPal opened cryptocurrency trading to US users. PayPal will allow you to buy, sell…

Coin Shortage Hitting Harder Than You Might Think

By now, you’ve probably heard about the national coin shortage in the U.S. The pandemic caused coin…

Royal Mint Issues Queen Commemorative Coin

The British Royal Mint has honored Queen by issuing a commemorative coin featuring the legendary band. The…

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