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Astronomers Find Farthest Galaxy Ever

We've all heard the phrase 'Long ago in a galaxy far, far away'.  Well, galaxies don't get…

Astronomers Discover Planet that’s 10 Times Larger than Jupiter

European astronomers have discovered a planet that changes everything they thought they knew about outer space.

Total Lunar Eclipse Coming this Month

A total lunar eclipse is expected to headline May's astronomical events, experts say.

Coming Attraction: The Leonid Meteor Shower

There’s about to be a spectacular show high in the sky. The Leonid meteor shower is coming…

Astronomers Detect Biggest Explosion Since Big Bang

Astronomers have detected what they say is the biggest explosion in the universe – the largest since…

Check Out The Highest-Resolution Pic of The Sun Ever Taken

Thanks to astronomers in Hawaii, we now have the clearest and closest picture of the sun ever…

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