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Wendy’s Offers Free Breakfast Sandwich

Wendy’s is running a new promotion offering a free breakfast sandwich in their app with any purchase…

Netflix Tells Workers To Quit If Offended

In a new memo, Netflix has told workers that the company may not be the best for…

Jon Bon Jovi’s Kids Have To Explain Grubhub

In a new interview, the rocker admitted that while he was away from home during the pandemic…

Metallica Shares Music Video To Show Off ‘Coda Companion’ App

Metallica has released a special music video to show off the new 'Coda Companion' app.

Heardle, the Wordle of Music, Has Users Rushing to Name That Tune

If you’re a Wordle user then you’ll be happy to know there is a music version called…

Weezer Frontman Launches Worldle Spin-Off ‘Weezle’

The latest project from Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo?  A Wordle spin-off titled 'Weezle'.

Uber Now Allowing Customers to See Their Ratings From Drivers

Uber customers can now see how many 1 star or 5 star ratings they've gotten on the…

Wordle Bought By New York Times

Wordle has been acquired by The New York Times Company. 

Google Changed Their White Noise App And Parents Were UPSET

Google updated its white noise sound on Saturday. And people were angry, because the old version was…

Wendy’s Offers Holiday Treat This Week

Wendy’s is giving customers a holiday treat, but it only lasts for this week.

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