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IRS Sending Out Another Round Of Tax Refunds – See If You Qualify

The IRS is sending out another round of tax refund checks to 1.5 million Americans this week.

1 in 5 Americans Believe Vaccines Contain Secret Microchips

A staggering one in five Americans believes COVID-19 vaccines contain tiny microchips that, once injected into unsuspecting…

Millions of Americans are Suffering from Phone Addiction

Health officials are warning U.S. residents of a disorder that's affecting millions of people: cell phone addiction.

Free Bagels For Vaccinated Americans

Panera is serving up free bagels if you've gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

Study: Americans Are Bad At Spotting ‘Fake News’ – But Think They’re Good At It

Think you know 'fake news' when you see it? Most Americans don't, according to a new study.

IRS Sending Out ‘Plus-Up’ Stimulus Checks

Millions of Americans will be getting an extra stimulus check from the IRS soon. The agency is…

New Poll: A Year Into Pandemic, 15% Of Americans Find Themselves In Deepening Financial Hole

About 38 million Americans say they are worse off now than before the pandemic started a year…

The Rock Responds To Presidential Poll

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be gearing up for a run for the White House. Following a…

Survey Says Most Americans Will Travel This Year

Even as the pandemic continues, a new survey shows a majority of Americans are likely to travel…

Experts Urge Americans To Be Fully Vaccinated Before Going ‘Back To Normal’

After more than a year of lockdown, Americans are more eager than ever to get ‘back to…

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