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U.S. Census Bureau Calculates How Many Americans Stopped Working Due To Omicron Disruptions

How big a toll has omicron had on the economy? The U.S. Census Bureau has some early…

College Enrollment Has Dropped By 1.2 Million Since The Pandemic

The number of Americans enrolling in college has dropped sharply since the beginning of the pandemic.

Poll: 70% of Americans Are More Excited to Give Gifts Than Receive Them

A new poll has revealed that Americans are more into the giving of gifts this holiday season.

Poll Shows Most Americans Concerned About Cyberattacks

A new poll shows that most Americans are increasingly concerned about cyberattacks.

IRS Sending Out Another Round Of Tax Refunds – See If You Qualify

The IRS is sending out another round of tax refund checks to 1.5 million Americans this week.

1 in 5 Americans Believe Vaccines Contain Secret Microchips

A staggering one in five Americans believes COVID-19 vaccines contain tiny microchips that, once injected into unsuspecting…

Millions of Americans are Suffering from Phone Addiction

Health officials are warning U.S. residents of a disorder that's affecting millions of people: cell phone addiction.

Free Bagels For Vaccinated Americans

Panera is serving up free bagels if you've gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

Study: Americans Are Bad At Spotting ‘Fake News’ – But Think They’re Good At It

Think you know 'fake news' when you see it? Most Americans don't, according to a new study.

IRS Sending Out ‘Plus-Up’ Stimulus Checks

Millions of Americans will be getting an extra stimulus check from the IRS soon. The agency is…

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