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PBR Will Pay You To Put Up Beer Ads In Your Home

Pabst Blue Ribbon is taking its advertising campaign to the next level.

This Is the Most Popular Beer in North America, New Data Says

A new study has found that the most popular beer in North America is…

Whiskey Bottle Breaks Record For World’s Largest

There's a new Guinness World Record for the "Largest Bottle of Scotch" which holds A LOT of…

Fireball is Releasing Kegs That Hold 5 Liters of Whisky

If you love whisky-like REALLY, REALLY love whisky-Fireball has something with you in mind.

Pumpkin Spice Seltzer? Bud Light Hops On The Fall Flavoring Trend

Every fall season it seems like more and more brands are offering up their items in a pumpkin…

Queen, David Bowie Wrote And Recorded ‘Under Pressure’ While Drunk

What fueled the rock classic Under Pressure? Apparently, a lot of alcohol.

Jim Beam Launches a Whiskey Delivery Service

Whiskey lovers: Jim Beam has just launched a delivery service. Yes, you heard right, a whiskey delivery…

Deftones Announce “Ceremony” Hazy IPA Beer

Deftones are back in the beer game with the introduction of a new IPA.

Styx Boards the Celebrity Alcohol Wagon with Steelers-Inspired Lager

Styx has announced the release of their own lager, called "Oh Mama."

Coors Is Launching A Whiskey Label

Coors is expanding their brand into the whiskey game with their first product, Five Trail, in partnership…

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