Taco Bell Burrito Filled with WHA?!?

This is a XXL Grilled Chicken Burrito and Taco combo meal at a Taco Bell in Mount Lebanon, Pa., Friday, May 23, 2014. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Move over flaming hot cheetos!!!

Taco Bell is trying something…well, not NEW but it definitely has the junk-foodies out there licking their lips.

The YUM brand announced they’ll be testing out French-Fry Loaded Burritos in a few markets out West.


Taco Bell has been teasing this release since Halloween…..


You’ll have different flavors to choose from, too.

Supreme, California, and Chipotle….but only if you live in certain areas of California.


Uh, yeah.

How do you make Louisville, Ky your base of operations—- but not give the locals the first taste of this brilliance?!?




Cross your fingers that it does well on the West coast and we could see a nationwide roll out in 2018!





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