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Scientists Discover Strange Radio Signals Sent From Deep Space

The Andromeda galaxy imaged from the White Mountains of California

Someone in deep space may be trying to get our attention.

Scientists have discovered a pair of radio signals that originate from outer space, some 3 billion light years away from Earth, according to a study published in Wednesday’s issue of Nature. The discovery of the “fast radio bursts,” which scientists refer to as “FRBs,” marks the first time two signals have simultaneously made their way to Earth, says Casey Law, a Caltech scientist who co-authored the study.

“There are many ideas for what causes FRBs, but the association with a persistent radio source is very helpful in developing and testing models,” Law says. “Now we actually need to explain this double mystery and why FRBs and persistent radio sources are found together.”

Do you believe there’s life in outer space?

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