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Ohio Officials get Wright Plane Wrong

To commemorate the first motorized flight by the Wright brothers, Ohio has issued special license plates that depict the brothers’ first flight, which is attached to a banner that reads, “Birthplace of Aviation.”

There’s only one problem with the plate: The picture shows the banner attached to the front of the plane, instead of the back.

Calls alerting the state to the mistake began rolling in moments after Governor Mike DeWine unveiled the new design, prompting officials to issue an apology.

In all fairness, the plane used by the Wright Brothers on that day in 1903¬†looked¬†backwards; it featured propellers at the rear of the aircraft instead of the front. As one Internet commenter says, “Even the Wright brothers went back to the drawing board.”

Wouldn’t you think something like a license plate would be triple-checked before it went into production? What’s the biggest government-issued blunder you’ve seen?

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