Louisville Welder Built the “Iron Throne” From Game of Thrones For His Wife & You Can Rent It

Louisville we love you. And this just took our love to the next level. A 32 year old Louisville welder, Michael Hayes, that attends the Knight School of Welding built an almost exact replica of the beloved Iron Throne.

You may be asking, why? He made it for his wife for their wedding day. Game of Thrones had been a part of their relationship from the beginning, and it’s very important to both of them.

Hayes and his instructors spent over 110 hours building the replica. The best part? YOU CAN RENT IT FOR YOURSELF!

The entire project cost the Knight School of Welding roughly $7,000, but they argue it’s more authentic than even the Game of Thrones Iron Throne because theirs is straight steel and GOT’s throne is fiberglass.

If you want to rent it yourself, just reach out to Hayes via email: [email protected]yahoo.com



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