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How Top Gun’s Famous Volleyball Scene Led Kenny Loggins to the ‘Danger Zone’

Kenny Loggins’ song, “Danger Zone,” made Top Gun, the song encompassed the movie and was a number one hit for Loggins who was one of 20 artists who showed up at a theater to watch the movie in hopes of making the soundtrack.

“I could tell immediately that this was more of a cattle call than a strictly private thing,” Loggins says, though he can’t remember who else was there other than four or five guys from an R&B group.

While everyone wanted to write for the opening scene, Loggins wanted to write for the volleyball scene, which is was buried in the movie. “Playing With The Boys,” is what he came up with.

Giorgio Moroder, who was overseeing the soundtrack, eventually came to Loggins with a demo of “Danger Zone,” which was pitched to several artists including Corey Hart, Jefferson Starship, and Toto, who all declined, but Loggins recorded it.

What is your favorite song from the original Top Gun soundtrack?

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