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Chris Jericho Talks ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Chris Jericho is sharing what his experience on “Dancing With The Stars” was like.

When asked if he enjoyed his time on the show, he said “I did, but it was hard, man. It is not easy to do.”

He added, “And I turned it down a couple of times. When I finally accepted it, I remember I was on tour with Fozzy in Ireland, and I was outside on the street talking about it. And I was, like, ‘Listen, I’ve gotta do this. Because if I don’t, I’ll always wonder. And now I’m just a dick if I turn them down. They obviously really want me to do it, they really think that I can do it, so let me give it a try.'”

Jericho was on the show in 2011.

Would you ever compete on DWTS if given the chance?

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