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‘Caillou’ Leaving PBS…Parents Are NOT Mad

The classic PBS Kids show Caillou is going bye-bye. PBS Kids shared the news on social media yesterday and then we went to the Facebook comments. From the looks of it, most parents are just fine with the decision.


Some faves:

  • Sara S: the kid is such a demon seed: lying to his mother, tormenting the family cat, swatting his baby sister with a book. He’s thoughtless, selfish and impulsive. Bye!
  • Jasmine A: I absolutely hate that little cry baby. My daughter was never allowed to watch it. Farewell, don’t come back.
  • Stephanie H: GOOD!!! It’s about time. I always changed the channel whenever Caillou came on PBS. My kids always became whiny and horribly behaved after watching this awful show.
  • Megan B: This is best news ever! I loath Caillou with the fire of a thousand suns!
  • Catherine W: Will audio of this show still be available to use as a torture method?
  • Nicole T: Haven’t let my daughter watch this, I prefer non-whining brat-free shows if she watches TV.
  • Krista G: Best news ever! I made the mistake of letting my kid watch this show once when she was younger and she became an insufferable little sh*thead that wound up getting detention in school and bad grades all because she was acting just like him! This went on for years!


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