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Astronomers Discover Planet that’s 10 Times Larger than Jupiter

European astronomers have discovered a planet that changes everything they thought they knew about outer space.

They’ve found a planet orbiting a pair of “extremely hot stars” that’s at least 10 times bigger than Jupiter — and three times as big as the Sun, according to the European Southern Observatory. Up until now, scientists thought planets couldn’t be formed in such extreme heat, according to the observatory. “It completely changes the picture about massive stars as planet hosts,” says Markus Janson, a professor of astronomy at Stockholm University.

Although the planet, called “B Centauri b,” was discovered in July, the observatory didn’t release its findings until this week. Astronomers say the large orb is “one of the most massive planets ever found.”

If B Centauri b is so big, why didn’t astronomers see it until now?

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