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“American Idol” Introduces Platinum Tickets This Season

American Idol is bringing in a Platinum Ticket possibility for those auditioning for the show that’s even better than the golden ticket.

The 20th season will introduce nine platinum tickets — three in Nashville, three in Austin and three in Los Angeles – which will not only give them a straight ticket to Hollywood, but also some more things.

“This ticket gives them the ability to go to Hollywood Week, which we’ve already filmed and was so rigorous and survival of the fittest, and they get to basically observe from the box seats at the theater — one day, they get to rest their voice, strategize, check out the competition and select who they want to duet with,” Katy Perry shared, via The Wrap.

She adds, “They get a tiny advantage because they’re the cream of the crop.”  The show premieres February 27, at 8 p.m.

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