Addressing Holiday Cards? You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

Consider us officially SHOOK!

It turns out we’ve been sending our holiday greetings and many addressed envelopes…incorrectly!


Let’s start with: Apostrophes.

These little beasts are hard to place, especially if you are addressing more than one person in the household.

Wanna send something to Sarah Jordan and her husband?

This is NOT the way to write it:


Apparently by throwing an apostrophe S on the end– you’ve only made it possessive.

Instead– your greetings and addresses should look more like this….

And how about those names that already END in “S”?

Brace yourselves….this is gonna get weird.



It almost hurts to look at it —but that’s the correct way to address it.

If you’re STILL stumped over what to do about these pesky punctuation rules…

Just add “Family” to the end!



You’re welcome:)



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