Police Called Over McDonald’s Special Sauce

A McDonald’s PR stunt went terribly wrong after the fast-food chain ran out of a limited edition “Szechuan” dipping sauce— that was only to be available for one day.




According to TheGuardian.com, police were called to at least one restaurant after angry mobs of people began chanting “we want sauce”.


McDonald’s sought to bring back the long out-of-production Szechuan dipping sauce after it received several references on the increasingly popular Sci-fi cartoon, Rick and Morty.



Fans of the show (and sauce) flocked to their local McDonald’s to get their hands on this limited edition release, however many never got the chance to try it.



While some walked away empty handed, others are already taking advantage of the (partly) failed PR stunt by selling packets of the special sauce for hundreds of dollars on Ebay.


Ha ha! Good luck with that.