Jack Shack: Please DON’T Take Our $$$

LIVE in the Jack Shack today talking about all the things we could have bought with the money we have to give away starting tomorrow.

Plus, something that Hurricane Irma left intact that has Floridians MAD….

And some delicious recipes we’d really love for you to make for us.



Need $1000? Well, we can’t keep it— so you may as well win it.

Listen at 7, 9, 1, 3 & 5 for our #Cashtag keywords, then text them to 67760.

Still don’t understand? Click HERE.


Hurricane Irma cut a devastating path through the state of Florida over the weekend but there’s a few locals who are upset about what she left behind.

It’s called the “I-4 Eye Sore” and it remains fully intact.


KD admitted that she does NOT like anything pumpkin flavored (Gasp!!) but she will settle for something in the apple cider territory.

Here’s her new favorite Fall drink…



Also, Sarah Jordan discovered the most sinful chocolate chip cookie recipe on the planet and we INSIST that you make these for us.

Seriously, 520 S. 4th Street. We’re on the 2nd floor.

Please & thank you.




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