Grandma Buys Granddaughter Inappropriate Book By Accident…And We Want it, Too!!

Getting gifts from Grandma is always fun…

However NO ONE expected this seemingly adorable and unsuspecting book to be filled with profanity and strong, sexual content.



Buzzfeed originally reported this story about a Grandma who purchased this book for her 6-year old granddaughter, Emmersyn, an avid reader.

It seemed innocent enough until the little girl started reading the first page…..


Not exactly what you’d expect from a book with cartoon animals on the cover, right?



Birds pooping on “Hoes”….always a classic.


This will never stop being hilarious to me. #ifanimalscouldtalk @ifblankcouldtalk @carlabutwin

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That wasn’t TOO bad.


Woah. THAT escalated quickly.





And then there’s this….




….and this.


Oh, no. We’re impressed.

In fact, we kind want this book for the #JackShack.

You can get it, here.




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